Cashew Manfield Holding Limited, a professional industrial paint group invested by Manfield from Hong Kong and Cashew from Japan through utilizing superior advantages from the three world-wide international coating companies, is orientated to provide professional products and service to the Greater China which is changing rapidly. There are four wholly-owned subsidiaries in Greater China which are Cashew Manfield (Hong Kong)Innovative Materials Limited, Cashew Manfield (Guangzhou) Innovative Materials Limited,Cashew Manfield (Wuxi) Innovative Materials Limited, Cashew Manfield (Hong Kong) Innovative Materials Limited Taiwan Branch; two Technical Service Centers located in Tianjin and Chongqing; two Color-design centers located in Shanghai and Beijing.

We offer a wide range of excellent coating systems and currently have two professional coating brands. Cashew® and CMW® are mainly applied on consumer electronics, smart home households and automotive markets. By demonstrating the spirit of Japanese collectivity and collaboration as well as the high effectiveness of Hong Kong Enterprises to customers and suppliers, we, relying on professional industrial coating experiences, advanced technical research and developing strength, effective production and management teams, are providing prompt and reliable coatings and service to world-wide customers. And after so many years’ development, CMW manifest an outstanding company, a world’s leading company in some segment markets providing excellent total solutions.